Our Purpose

Maintain Fitness On Your Terms

Systems Build for Anyone

Our workout system is intuitive, but advanced. Streamlined, but adaptable. It’s a set of tools designed by fitness experts to be highly effective without bulky machines or expensive memberships. Knock out dozens of resistance exercises from one small setup, pack it away in seconds, without needing to worry about crowded gyms and unsanitized equipment.

Build Sustainable Routines

AIIR’s fitness tools were designed to be used anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t take up space. It's a complete, highly effective workout. We wanted to create a workout experience you can use to maintain your fitness level no matter how busy you are. Now, you can improve your physical and mental wellness by incorporating workouts at home or on the road.

Designed with Experts

We developed our systems alongside a team of expert physical therapists, designed to adapt to your level of fitness and strength. The system is crafted to provide beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts for cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and endurance. The ergonomic exercises can relieve pressure and help prevent compression-type injuries.

Overall Wellness

Our products were designed to be used daily at home or on the go. Here's why it matters.

Improve Health

Countless studies show a direct correlation between exercise and a reduction in sickness, longer lifespans, and overall improved health.

Be Active, Stay Active

There’s no better way to prevent an injury than through resistance training. Build lasting habits that strengthen muscles, manage weight, and stabilize joints.

Boost Your Mood

Improved moods. Reduced depression. More energy. People who exercise regularly have better overall mental health and wellness.

AIIR Technology


Our stable, yet lightweight workout system is designed to elevate your center of gravity and reduce wrist pressure with our ergonomic push-up handles. The lightweight straps reduce stress on joints, and put the emphasis on muscle resistance over harsh weightload.


Our LINE workout system nests into a package that can be stowed in a drawer or small backpack, and our FLOW system is even smaller. Ditch the bulk machinery in your home, avoid crowded gyms, and take highly effective workouts on the road.


Designed by a team of product designers, engineers, and physical therapists with a passion for fitness, our systems are both lightweight and extremely durable. Created with anodized aluminum and high-strength webbing, all AIIR tools are designed for a lifetime of use.

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AIIR Workout Systems

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