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Chest & Arm Workout

Maintain peak fitness anywhere. Our FLOW system includes two durable, carbon-steel push-up bars that pack easily into a compact travel case. The ergonomic design aligns your posture for the perfect form without any unnecessary stress and is perfect for a quick workout wherever you need it. Plus, all AIIR products come with a full lifetime warranty.

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What's included
  • Push-up bars with spring-loaded, folding supports
  • Travel case
  • AIIR Lifetime Warranty
Core Features
  • Manufactured with carbon steel for durability and safety
  • Easy set up and storage with push-up supports that fold inside the handle
  • Supports up to 300lbs
  • Get a full chest and arm workout anywhere
  • Packs down to the size of a water bottle
  • Inline, elevated design supports proper posture and motion
Specs & Sizing
  • 8 x 3.75 x 1.75 inch Case

Beginner, Intermediate
and Expert Friendly

Designed by a
Team of Doctors (DPT)

Smallest Workout
System on the Market

Includes a
Lifetime Warranty

Perfect for Any Fitness Level

Let your body define your workout difficulty with AIIR’s resistance training workouts, without the weights or a dumbbell. With the FLOW system, beginners can get just as much of their fitness routine as a professional. Plus, with the ergonomic handles, you’ll be able to maintain perfect form from the beginning, to ensure a healthy, sustainable daily workout.

Small Space? No Problem.

The fitness industry won’t tell you this, but you don’t really need all of that big, bulky equipment. Instead of letting expensive, useless machines gather dust, make the most of your living space or free up room in your suitcase with a resistance workout that beats any gimmick out there. Its adaptability and packability are perfect for any space, from studio apartments to overnight hotel stays.

Tone Up or Build Up

Building muscle while still maintaining tone and flexibility is what AIIR was built to do. Bodyweight resistance workouts are perfect for building muscle that looks natural, toning muscle definition, or simply cutting down on weight. Avoid the crowds and clutter at the gym, and maintain fitness anywhere you like.

Lightweight & Packable

Our FLOW system is the world’s smallest and most adaptable workout, perfect for bringing high-level fitness on the road. Whether you’re looking to tone up on a business trip or squeeze in a workout during a vacation, you can set up a full home gym in your hotel room in seconds, and pack it away just as quickly.

Setup in 60 Seconds


Remove the carbon steel supports nested in the handle.


The supports attach to the handle by an enclosed magnet.


Enjoy a simple, effective chest and arm workout anywhere.

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FLOW Training System

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